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Graber Supply Beauty and Style Windows and Doors

Beauty & Style

A wide selection of windows & doors that fit your personal style for your home.



With over 100 years of experience and innovation, Andersen provides some of the best products and warranties in the market.

Graber Supply Comfort Windows and Doors


Anderson products help keep your home comfy by eliminating drafts, leaks, and temperature fluctuations while also keeping outside noise and harmful UV light to a minimum. 

Graber Supply Efficiency Windows and Doors


High-performance doors and windows reduce your heating and cooling bills and make your home more energy efficient. 

Choose the style and fuction that fits your home

Andersen Windows in Kokomo, IN

Graber Supply Double Hung and Single Hung Windows

Double Hung

Standard home windows that have sashes that move up and down. They can be easily cleaned while inside the home.

Graber Supply Awning Window


Awning windows are hinged on the top and open outward from the bottom. This allows ventilation while protecting the home from precipitation.

Graber Supply Bay and Bow Window

Bay & Bow

Bay & bow windows are created by combining three or more windows in a way that angles out from the house. This allows for more light and space inside the home.

Graber Supply Casement Window


Casement windows are hinged on the side and crank open to the left or right for top-to-bottom ventilation. They are most common above kitchen sinks.

Graber Supply Pass Through Window

Pass Through

Pass through windows are often used when there is not enough room for a patio or deck door. They are large and allow light, ventilation, and most hand-held items to be easily passed through.

Graber Supply Gliding Window


Gliding windows open horizontally and allow for full top-to-bottom ventilation. Unlike casement windows, the sash does not open outward, making gliding windows ideal for decks or walkways.

Andersen Doors in Kokomo, IN

Graber Supply Entryway Doors

Entry Doors

Entry doors for your home or business that are functional, beautiful, and full of features.

Grabery Supply French and Hinged Doors

French & Hinged

French doors are designed to open into a room or out into a patio. They make a dramatic statement while allowing plenty of light and ventilation.

Graber Supply Sliding Patio Doors

Gliding Patio

Gliding patio doors, also known as sliding glass doors, glide horizontally in the doorway. This takes less space than a hinged door and makes it ideal for patios, decks, and other small areas.

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What you can expect when

you purchase your Andersen windows
& doors through Graber Supply

  • Andersen Warranty

    All Andersen products come with industry-leading limited warranties.

  • Owner-to-Owner Limited Warranty

    Anderson warranties can be transferred if you sell your home. This adds real value to your Andersen purchases.

  • Superior Customer Service

    We work with you to make sure you get the right Andersen products for your home.

Andersen Replacement Windows in Kokomo, Indiana

Are you experiencing the frustration of having windows or doors that are inefficient, don’t work properly, allow drafts and leaks, or don’t fit your home’s style?

At Graber Supply, we believe your home should be warm, inviting, and efficient; and we know having windows and doors that are efficient, functional, and beautiful plays a big part of this!

That is why we are a local certified Andersen dealer for replacement windows and doors. We offer a full line of quality Andersen products so that you get the quality parts you need with the customer service that you deserve.

As a homeowner or business owner in Kokomo, IN, you want a space that is energy efficient and maintains a consistent temperature year-round.

Part of having a comfortable working or living space is having efficient windows that eliminate drafts, reduce temperature inconsistencies, and leave you and your family feeling comfortable.

However, the truth is that not all building materials are created equal, and they don't all perform to the same level. If you get stuck with low-performance windows and doors, you may experience temperature fluctuations inside your home, frustration when using the doors and windows, and higher energy bills because of the lack of efficiency. 

We don't think anyone should have to deal with that! 

That is why Graber Supply offers quality Anderson windows for homes in Kokomo. You can give us a call today if you want to learn more about them. 

Andersen replacement windows and doors bring that comfort to your home in Kokomo, Indiana!

We serve the following zip codes in Kokomo: 46901, 46902, 46903, 46904, and other zip codes in Howard County.

Whether you are spending a day at American Legion Golf Course or Kokomo Country Club; enjoying the outdoors at Jackson Morrow Park, the Wildcat Creek Soccer Complex, or other city parks; or spending a day with the family enjoying the Kokomo Beach Family Aquatic Center; you and your family can come home and enjoy a home with consistent temperatures due to Andersen's quality products.

With over 45,000 people covering 36 square miles, Kokomo is a city mostly centered on manufacturing (with several equipment and auto plants) and agriculture.

Being your local Anderson window dealer in Kokomo is only a small part of what we offer at Graber Supply. Feel free to browse the other products that we offer to make your home efficient, beautiful, and truly yours:

Contact us today, browse our online catalogs, or stop by our showroom and meet us in person. We would love to meet you and help your dreams for your home come true!

Andersen Windows & Doors FAQs

Do you have someone available to help me measure my windows before I place my order?
  • Yes, we can send someone out to your home to measure your windows and make sure you have the correct Andersen window replacement size (A fee may apply).
I would like to measure for my new Andersen windows myself; is there a guide I can follow?
  • Yes!  You can use this helpful guide to assist you in getting the rough dimensions for your new Andersen products.
How much does each Andersen window cost?
  • That depends on the style of window you order and any additional features you request.  Contact us for a quote today to get your cost!
Do Andersen windows offer blinds between the glass?
  • Yes, certain models of the available Andersen products are available with a “blinds between the glass” option.  If you want this option, please ask us about it when you contact us for your quote.
How do I get Andersen windows installed in Kokomo?
  • You can install your new windows yourself, or you can have the Graber Supply team install them for you.
Can blinds between the glass be replaced if they break or become damaged?
  • Andersen windows with blinds between the glass cannot be repaired; a replacement panel is necessary.
How do I know you have a window or door that will fit my exact size?
  • We offer a variety of standard sizes for our windows. However, if you have an odd size of window, don't worry! We also offer custom sizing that comes in 1/8" increments, so we will certainly be able to deliver a product that fits your needs. 
Do you offer hardware with Andersen products?

Certainly! For more information or to see the options we have, ask us about the hardware styles, products, and accessories available for your new windows and doors. 

What warranty is included with Andersen products?

Feel free to take a look at the available warranties for all Andersen windows and doors.  With our owner-to-owner warranties, you can rest assured that your product is valuable for years to come and adds resale value.

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How can efficient windows and doors help your home and save you money?

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